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Our first son, Brady, was born with bilateral club feet while I (Ryan) was finishing my last semester of my Mechanical Engineering degree. Suzi and I adapted quickly to the weekly cast changes and thought, “this isn’t too bad, what were we worried about?” Then came time for the boots and bar. On the first day with the boots Suzi cried because she was unsure if they were too tight or if they were in the correct position. This begged the question, “could we expect a babysitter or a family member to put on these boots?” They were tough to get on in the correct position.

This is when I came up with the idea for Brady Boots. We wanted to design something that was easier for parents, grandparents and babysitters to put on. Those first few days with the boots and bar were so frustrating it was tempting to give up, and many parents do, which then causes the feet to relapse. Working with a team of Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering Students at the University of Alberta we have designed new club foot braces that are not only easier to put on and better for your child’s rehabilitation but they’re also exciting for the child!

In order to lower manufacturing costs we 3D print our boots. This also gives us the ability to customize your boot color without raising the cost so your child can have their own style. They can also be made to fit your child’s foot. Using our unique sock tab, you can easily place the foot in the correct position every time while fastening the straps. This makes it easy to have a babysitter or grandparent put the boots on correctly.