Current Brady Boots design

During 2015 I worked with a team of biomedical and mechanical engineering students for 3 months where we designed and prototyped the club foot brace that won a Mechanical Engineering design competition at the University of Alberta and the undergraduate design competition at the SB³C Conference in June 2016. During the design process we consulted with experts at the University of Alberta as well as the club foot clinic at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, the same clinic where Brady was treated. During the design of Brady Boots our main focus has been improving the overall ease of use and functionality.

Brady wearing his newly printed boots before bed


Our boots provide the full range of abduction and dorsiflexion requirements as prescribed by the doctor and can be sized for every child’s foot to ensure a better fit. We use a solid boot to ensure the child’s foot is always dorsiflexed.

Ease of Use

For the first year after Brady was born Suzi and I didn’t go out without Brady because we weren’t sure how a babysitter would put on the boots properly. We designed a unique sock tab to make things a little easier. We understand how difficult it is to put the boots on while your child kicks and screams. With this sock tab you don’t have to worry about that because the boot will still be on their foot. So after you wrangle your little crocodile it’s easier to get the boot finished.

A boot being printed on my 3D printer.


Our boots are all 3D printed to lower our manufacturing costs and make them easier to customize. Our boots can be printed in nearly any color to make it fun for the kids. We’ve started printing fun designs on the boots so kids get excited too. Brady loves rocket ships, so imagine his excitement when we printed a boot with a rocket ship on it. If your kid is anything like ours the boots will seem more like a toy than a chore.


We are currently using the boots with Brady every night and he loves them! We tried a variety of different materials such as ABS, PETG, PLA but found that TPU (Flexible) was the most durable. If you are interested in trying the boots please contact us.

More Fun Things

Brady loves to sleep with his stuffed puppy every night. As we’ve made wearing the boots increasingly fun Brady gets better and better about putting them on (it’s like we tamed the crocodile). One of our best ideas yet was to make ‘Puppy’ his own little pair of boots and bar. Now when we’re getting Brady ready for bed and we say it’s time for your boots he always reminds us that we need to do Puppy’s first. Want this magical item for your kid too? Check out our store page to order yours today! Want to save on shipping cost? We’re located in the Edmonton area so you can arrange a time with us to stop and pick them up.